Benefits of subscribing to Murray Blog.

  • Immediate notification when there is a new post.
  • You instantly become my best friend. We’ll do slumber parties together, Facials. Forget waiting in long line at any restaurant or mall throughout the state of N.J.. Just mention you’re my best friend and go the front of the line.
  • 99.97% off on all Murray products. (I here Suze Orman gives just 5% and only to her mom. ) Murray’s book, for example, How To Become A Trilionaire And Lose 20 Lbs. retails for $ 49,833. As a member of Murray’s blog, you’ll only pay $ 14.99, a savings of more than $49,818.

Murray will only sell your email address to a third party for $8 million dollars or more. And in that case, you get half.

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